The city from Senghor was an interface on the Bay from Senghor, that’s the main Fever Sea

It is into the west end of peninsula called the Kaava Lands regarding the southern area Mwangi Expanse. The fresh new Kaava is actually a pygmy tribe from kech.


Inside 2603 AR, when Caldaru buyers first stumbled on Garund off their indigenous Arcadia, the individuals from nearby Boali asked him or her and you may considering him or her a beneficial parcel of land to decide on. The latest Caldarus situated the city regarding Senghor about house and made relationship associations to the couples enduring Boali young nobles.

Within the 2618 AR, pursuing the individuals of Senghor unearthed that Boali cultists was indeed losing teenagers when you look at the Ghol-Gani ruins, they razed Boali, conducted new cultists, and you may saved create-getting sufferers. Effect responsible to possess breaking Boali’s hospitality, then they took in lot of Boali pupils. The storyline provides since passed on the legend, destroyed because of the all but a small cabal whose users was instructed to fight cult resurgence.


This new city’s dominant inhabitants will be Caldaru, while they commonly really the extremely multiple of the various people teams who live right here.


The latest city’s harbour is an architectural masterpiece, able to endure the genuine impact regarding storms originating inside Vision off Abendego while the unlikely experience away from good huge naval violence from the particular until now unknown enemy.


The metropolis hinges on water exchange, as nearby Kaava Lands make all land routes hazardous. It’s a conduit having too much new trading regarding Sargava to help you Avistan; exchange really that have Sargava threats unpleasant Cheliax, plus the significantly more indirect route due to Senghor makes it easier so you can circumvent the new Shackles Pirates.

The new city’s marketplace is the big web site with the sale from high quality goods from the Mwangi Expanse so you can resellers from Avistan to have a reasonable rates; this is exactly weighed against Bloodcove, where probably the region’s recycleables are shipped off north from inside the replace having shoddy products and you may cheaper alcohol. Your neighborhood shields, within their distinctive black and you may bright red clothing, make sure that the business is a rut where accomplish team.

Bodies and you will safety

Cheliax has actually tried to introduce a trade embassy into the Senghor, however, keeps unearthed that communications were full of misfortune and you can ongoing pirate attract. Thus far, not one of the has been traced back into this new Senghor regulators.

The new Senghor navy comes with numerous dozen boats, and means no piracy happens within territorial oceans. Yet not, he or she is indifferent from what continues on someplace else regarding Fever Sea, and then make Senghor a well-known destination for people who are deemed in order to become pirates everywhere otherwise.

But not, so it pragmatism does not extend into the slave trade. Slave ships aren’t permitted to head to Senghor, and Bekyar ships are frequently declined admission only towards uncertainty away from becoming linked to the slave-trade. The latest Bekyar urban area-claims to the south off Senghor has actually reacted angrily to that racial discrimination and there was in fact a number of ocean matches. Up to now, Senghor has actually over kept its very own throughout these dispute, and lots of of one’s city’s management try keen for action since the a springboard for extending new city’s sphere from dictate-both southwards, if not northwards into Avistan recognized Aspis Consortium’s fundamental ft on Bloodcove.

The metropolis was governed by the a great council including nobles, priests from Gozreh, resellers plus the army. Council posts are often handed down in the place of selected, however, provided the city will continue to excel there are couples calls for reform.

When the neighbors out-of Sargava overthrew its overlords, Senghor sided into previous and you will became the initial ally out-of newly-separate Vidrian. Both countries express a desire for staying interlopers out, although regards to the newest alliance, which in fact had is hastily closed by the Vidrian, is actually greatly lopsided in preference of Senghor. The latest Vidric men and women have xxx to resent such terminology and today push to have renegotiation.

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