Level Credit allows reporting of rent, utility, and cell service payments all as separate lines of credit

  • Other services monitor your bank account. When they detect a rent payment they report it to the credit bureaus. This usually works only if you pay your rent through a direct deduction from your bank account.

Online Reputation

You can learn some things from online reviews, but there are also some issues to remember. Unsatisfied customers are much more likely to post reviews than satisfied customers. Review services do their best to weed out inauthentic reports, but they don’t always succeed.

It’s worth checking ratings from groups like the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but be aware of their limitations. BBB ratings, for example, are based on the company’s response to complaints listed on their site, not on customer ratings.

Best Rent Reporting Services

There are many factors to consider when selecting the best rent reporting companies. We’ve reviewed 17 options and selected the best companies based on cost, amount of credit history reported, roommate or spouse inclusion, the credit bureaus they report to, and online reputation.

Here’s a list of companies that do not require your landlord to be enrolled in order to report your rent to the credit bureaus.

– Best for low total cost – Best for simple fee structure – Best value – Best credit bureau coverage – Good customer service – Worthy newcomer – A different way to report your rent

First, take a look at our top four picks. These are the companies that excel at one or a few criteria we used to evaluate rent reporting services on this list.

Credit Rent Boost reports that clients see a credit score increase of 20 to 60 points for past rent reporting, and an average score increase of 30 points to 100 points or more for past plus ongoing reporting. Learn more

Rent Reporters

Rent Reporters says that their average customer sees a credit increase of 35 to 50 points within the first billing cycle. Some customer testimonials report increases of 100 points or more. Learn more


There’s also no signup fee, so you can get started with minimal expense. If you have no rent history to report this is a very attractive option. Learn more

Rent Report Team

Rent Report Team reports to all three credit bureaus. They say clients can increase their credit scores by 25-50 points or more within 15 days. The average score increase is 30-50 points, slightly higher than some others on this list. Learn more

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Credit Rent Boost

Credit Rent Boost has the lowest total cost for one person of any company in the top 5, and has the best customer reviews. They hold a Better Business Bureau score of A+ and 4.6 out of 5 stars on handling customer complaints. They shine in customer service and delivering results.

Credit Rent Boost reports an average range of credit score increases for their clients from 20 to 60 points for past rent reporting, and an average score increase of 30 points to 100 points or more for past and ongoing reporting. The first increase is usually seen on clients’ credit reports in less than two weeks. They report that their clients typically see ongoing credit increases with continued reporting.

You can choose to report 12 months of rent history for $45 or 24 months of rent history for $60. There’s a $5.95 monthly fee and a $25 signup fee. If you choose to pay for an annual subscription, the signup fee is waived. In that case, 24 months past reporting plus the first year subscription costs only $105. If you choose to get 12 months past reporting instead, it comes out to just $90 for one year past plus one year going forward.

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